Cadiz is full of music in July, do you mind?

If you like music festivals, the month of July is the perfect for it. In the province of Cadiz we have three great festivals that take place during this month.

The first of all is the CABO DE PLATA FESTIVAL, located in Barbate. It’s his second edition and he’s ready to make us enjoy good music. During the days 6, 7 and 8 of July you can enjoy livING music of all styles. If you want to see Fuel Fandango, Los Mojinos Escozios or Canteca de Macao on their farewell tour, do not hesitate, this is your festival.

The second festival is ALRUMBO FESTIVAL, is its 8th edition, is very consolidated and is among the best festivals in Spain. This year brings as a novelty its change of location, it returns to its origin, to Chiclana de la Frontera. The date is from 10 to 16 July, 7 days of musical holidays, 4 days of festival. You can enjoy all kinds of music, from typical Spanish groups, rock, hip-hop, rap, DJs.  Buy your ticket and live the musical experience at Alrumbo Festival.

To close the month of July, we have located in Cadiz, the last festival of the month NO WITHOUT MUSIC FESTIVAL, during days 20, 21 and 22 of July, in the city of Cadiz, you will have good music afternoons and evenings. Among others you have Amaral, Mclan or El langui.

So you know, if you love music, do not hesitate, stay with us in any of our establishments, whether Flamenco Beach Villas, Hacienda Roche Viejo or Villas Flamenco Rentals, buy your ticket and enjoy good music varied nights.

Colorado Spring Fair in Conil de la Frontera. Cadiz

Villas Flamenco invite you to the Fair of the Colorado, which is celebrated from 1st to 4th of June of 2017. El Colorado is a region of Conil that celebrates its party, where the horse, the gastronomy and the products of the countryside become the protagonists, without forgetting, of course, the fun: attractions, booths, performances, dances, etc … is the ideal fair to go out with friends and go with family and your children who have got a lot of different attractions.

The birth of the fair was of the last 20s century. One of the main attractions of this event is its enclave, in a place of privileged landscape, green and fresh, like the pine forests.

As equestrian activities, encounters from animals on display, to cowgirl dressage, obstacles, handleability of coupling carriage hooks, etc … Like the plowing contest with motorcultors. There is also place for sports programming.

Come to the El Colorado Fair in Conil, don´t forget to come with comfortable clothes and shoes. if you come at night, you might wear a light sweater, In this zone, at night can be cool.

Don´t forget to make your reservation at Flamenco Villas !!! We are very close to the Fair, if you want a quiet place with a sea view, we recommend you to book at Villas Flamenco Beach, located in Playa Fuente del Gallo. If you are looking for more rural accommodation, Hacienda Roche Viejo is your site, located on the Carretera del Puerto Pesquero. And if you are looking for a comfortable and central location, Villas Flamenco Rental is your choice.

Route of the Red Tuna of Almadraba in Conil de la Frontera. From 5th May to 5th June

Come to Conil de la Frontera to enjoy a good red tuna cooked in 200 different ways. Do you dare to taste all?

Throughout this month, the participating bars and restaurants in Conil, offer you a menu with different original or traditional ways of cooking red tuna.

Almadraba red tuna is characteristic of this area. The almadraba is an ancient and sustainable fishing art that coves off the coast of Conil de la Frontera. It is like a labyrinth of nets, near the coast, where the tunas enter, that go towards the Mediterranean.

The wild red tuna, which is caught in Conil, is a product of the highest quality, culinary delicacy, highly appreciated nationally and internationally, excellent source of proteins of high biological value, rich in vitamins A, B and D and minerals . With the advantage that it is low in saturated fats, and has a high Omega 3 (anti-cholesterol) content.

After seeing all the healthy benefits that the tuna offers us, surely you don´t hesitate to come and taste it. In the tourist office of Conil de la Frontera or in the first bar you enter, you will be given a pamphlet where you will find the 35 gastronomic places participating in the route, including the name and description of the tapa they offer you.

Not only will you enjoy our rich gastronomy, but also the best beaches of the coast of Cadiz and Andalusia, such as Fuente del Gallo Beach, La Fontanilla or Las Calas de Roche. Or its famous sunsets from the beach … Enjoy one of the best part of the Costa de la Luz.

Stay with us at Flamenco Villas and choose among one of our three options: Villa by the sea in Villas Flamenco Beach, an apartment in Hacienda Roche Viejo, where tranquility is the first. Or stay in an apartment in the center of Conil at Villas Flamenco Rentals. Any option is good to spend a vacation and enjoy the exquisite red tuna. Don´t think it anymore! Come to Conil!

“San Juan Bonfire” in Conil de la Frontera. 23rd June

As every year, Conil is preparing to enjoy the magical night of San Juan. This night, we celebrate the longest day of the year and as we say here: “With the burning of the juanillos, the summer begins.”

Different associations prepare their juanillos and present them to competition. The juanillos will be celebrities, politicians or even, neighbourds of the town of Conil de la Frontera. All of  them using the great satire that we have in Cadiz. There will be parties and music in the different districts of Conil, while everypeople are waiting to midnight to start the burning.

There are many traditions about this night, throwing three fruits to the sea, each with a wish, lighting a candle and burning up the bad that you want to happen … But in Conil, we offer you live the purest, the salty tradition. He says that if you want a good year, full of positive things, you must first jump the bonfire (but be careful!, wait for the flames to go down, you can burn) and then, go to the sea and give yourself a good salt water bath, But if you’re afraid of bathing at night, don´t worry, wet your feet..

Do you want to live a different San Juan? Enjoy it at sea? Come to Conil, stay with us at Villas Flamenco, stay in an apartment or cortijo in La Hacienda Roche Viejo, enjoying its peace; Come to Villas Flamenco Beach and enjoy the sea or stay in an apartment in the center and live the party atmosphere on first hand. Either option is good for a few different days and full of magic.

Meet Conil. Enjoy Cádiz and live with Flamenco Villas a unique and different experience

We will wait for you!!!!