Fairs, Horses and Motorbikes. May, guaranteed party.

Views of the Villas Flamenco Beach Apartments from the Fuente del Gallo Beach in Conil
Views of the Villas Flamenco Beach Apartments from the Fuente del Gallo Beach in Conil

Fairs, Horses and Motorbikes. The month of May arrives in Andalusia and with it, the good weather and the guaranteed party. And it is that May, especially in the Cádiz province, is a month full of celebrations. All of them reflect a rich tradition and culture, but also a different way of understanding life. In many of its towns there is a typical popular party, with plans for all tastes and flavours, where every corner is full of life and, as it can´t be otherwise in Andalusia, where everyone is well received.

Fairs, Horses and Motorikes in Jerez

May is inaugurated in a big way: with the refined and colourful Jerez Horse Fair, which takes place from the 5th to the 12th of this month. Your visit is essential for all those who are spending a vacation in the area. And it is that the Jerez Fair is quite a show, where horses, flamenco and wine are combined. In this festival of extraordinary beauty, it is recommended to sit in one of its nearly 200 booths and contemplate the elegance of horses and carriages, magnificently prepared for the occasion, while being carried away by the appreciated cuisine of Cadiz and the famous wines from Jerez.

Horse Car at the Sanlúcar Fair
Horse Car at the Sanlúcar Fair

Everything is part of a magnificent show that will remain in the memory of anyone who visits it. And this year is special for fans of the equestrian world, because Jerez has been named European City of the Horse, with this motive an interesting program has been organized, highlighting the 1st National Elite Auction of Purebred Spanish Horses, the 13th may. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to meet these magnificent and prestigious specimens. In this sense, it is necessary to remember that a visit to this city requires passing through its Royal School of Equestrian Art and attending its show “How the Andalusian horses dance”.

Moto GP Championship in Jerez Circuit

And we continue with the party: The Feria de Jerez coincides with one of the events that attracts the most tourists to the province of Cádiz: The Moto GP World Championship, which takes place from 4 to 6 of May. Each year, motor fans from the most diverse and different parts of the world come to this event, which stands out for its good atmosphere and the many parties that are organized around this event.

Moto GP World Championship at the Circuito de Jerez
Moto GP World Championship at the Circuito de Jerez

Finally, it’s time to rest from so much activity and Villas Flamenco is the perfect place. After these long days of fun and enjoyment to the fullest, you want the peace and tranquillity suggested by an apartment by the sea, where you can relax with the serene and calm sound of the waves. And this, neither more nor less, is what this accommodation offers direct rentals located in Conil de la Frontera.

Fairs in the surrounding area

But there is more. As in May there are fairs and parties for all tastes: those who prefer to stay in Conil, Flamenco Villas recommends the Fair of El Colorado. Just three kilometres away and among green pine forests, this fair stands out for its excellent cuisine, its family atmosphere and its equestrian exhibitions. If May starts with the elegant Jerez Horse Fair, the final highlight to this explosion of fun is this and others from nearby locations, whose dates range from 29th May to 4th June. These are the spectacular Manzanilla fair in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the joyful Puerto Real or the flirtatious fair of Medina Sidonia, among others.

Flamenco in a stand at the Feria
Flamenco in a stand at the Feria

Tuna Route in Conil

Finally, do not forget that May starts with great force gastronomically speaking. Day 4 begins the XXI Conil Tuna Route, a date that extends until  4th June and that, along with other activities, place the precious red tuna of Almadraba as the undisputed protagonist of this month. However, we leave you with honey on your lips and we invite you to read our next post, where we will update you on everything that is cooked in the area around this coveted product of the sea.

Red Tuna - Villas Flamenco (Conil)
Red Tuna – Villas Flamenco (Conil)

Without a doubt, May is the month for party lovers, horses, speed and gastronomy. And Villas Flamenco is your accommodation in Andalusia to rest from so much rejoicing.

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