Colorado Spring Fair in Conil de la Frontera. Cadiz

Villas Flamenco invite you to the Fair of the Colorado, which is celebrated from 1st to 4th of June of 2017. El Colorado is a region of Conil that celebrates its party, where the horse, the gastronomy and the products of the countryside become the protagonists, without forgetting, of course, the fun: attractions, booths, performances, dances, etc … is the ideal fair to go out with friends and go with family and your children who have got a lot of different attractions.

The birth of the fair was of the last 20s century. One of the main attractions of this event is its enclave, in a place of privileged landscape, green and fresh, like the pine forests.

As equestrian activities, encounters from animals on display, to cowgirl dressage, obstacles, handleability of coupling carriage hooks, etc … Like the plowing contest with motorcultors. There is also place for sports programming.

Come to the El Colorado Fair in Conil, don´t forget to come with comfortable clothes and shoes. if you come at night, you might wear a light sweater, In this zone, at night can be cool.

Don´t forget to make your reservation at Flamenco Villas !!! We are very close to the Fair, if you want a quiet place with a sea view, we recommend you to book at Villas Flamenco Beach, located in Playa Fuente del Gallo. If you are looking for more rural accommodation, Hacienda Roche Viejo is your site, located on the Carretera del Puerto Pesquero. And if you are looking for a comfortable and central location, Villas Flamenco Rental is your choice.

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