7 great reasons that make Conil a unique destination

Conil a unique destination

Of all it is known that Conil de la Frontera is one of the most coveted tourist destinations on the Spanish coast. However, have you ever wondered about the reasons that make this municipality, year after year, transformed into the idyllic dream of a vacation? In this post of Villas Flamenco we reveal 7 clues, 7 reasons that, surely, will help you clarify this issue, but above all to wish even more to spend a few days in this unique corner of southern Spain.

1. Its beaches

Conil de la Frontera has more than 14 kilometers of fine white sand beaches. Castilnovo, Los Bateles, La Fontanilla, Fuente del Gallo … All the beaches of Conil are of great quality and invite to long walks, sunbathing and the practice of water sports. Its exceptional coves with crystal clear waters stand out, whose beauty has motivated that recently it has become a set of an applauded series of television and, of course, a perfect place to take refuge from the dreaded Levante wind.

Resting on the beach - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Resting on the beach – Holiday Rentals in Conil

2. Its gastronomic offer

This white corner of the coast of Cadiz stands out for its very diverse and appreciated gastronomy. Its exquisite vegetable garden and the products of the sea are its hallmark. Bars and restaurants of the municipality put special interest in offering their customers the best and tastiest stews of traditional and innovative cuisine. Do not forget that currently, thanks to its XXII Ruta del Atún de Almadraba, which runs until June 4, you can taste up to 300 dishes related to the also known as red gold. This year, as a novelty, the first edition of the Entre Almadrabas Festival is held, a cultural proposal dedicated on this occasion to Japan.

Gastronomy - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Gastronomy – Holiday Rentals in Conil

3. Its vibrant urban center

Being a top tourist destination does not have to mean being boring. Conil has an urban center full of life and color from where, early in the morning and until midnight, it is overflowing in an extraordinary environment. Tourists from all over the world and locals accustomed to this cheerful bustle are intermingled with great naturalness, filling streets, squares, ice cream parlors, bars and restaurants, as a celebration of this constant summer that lives in Conil.

Square in the Urban Center - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Square in the Urban Center – Holiday Rentals in Conil

4. Its unparalleled sunsets

Going through Conil and not enjoying your sunsets is an unforgivable mistake. And it is that this town of Cadiz disposes, not only of a privileged situation to contemplate the fall of the sun, but also of numerous corners from where to do it. From the tranquility of the same sand of one of its beaches or coves previously named, to its excellent chiringuitos, that enliven it with good music, passing through the cliffs of Roche, any option is feasible, because all of them will offer an impressive view of the sunset.

Sunset - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Sunset – Holiday Rentals in Conil

 5. Its varied leisure offer

In Conil there is no room for boredom. And it is that this municipality presumes, and with good reason, to possess one of the most complete leisure and sport offers of the Spanish coast. Learn and practice water sports of all kinds, whale watching, visits to wineries, flamenco shows, live music, golf courses, adventure park among trees or kart circuits are a tiny sample of the proposals of Conil to make the most of our free time

Nautical Activities - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Nautical Activities – Holiday Rentals in Conil

6. Your one-day getaway plans

Conil is in a strategic place from where to organize getaway plans to meet other destinations of great tourist interest. Thus, one-day visits can be projected to the millenary Cádiz, to the capital of wine: Jerez de la Frontera or the lively Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Also from here you can depart to make the well-known and appreciated route of the white villages. Another very interesting proposal is a day trip to Tangier (Morocco), departing by boat from the bustling Tarifa, a few kilometers from Conil.

Excursion to Tangier - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Excursion to Tangier – Holiday Rentals in Conil

7. Its accommodations

Conil is also distinguished by its extensive accommodation offer. However, among all of them, Villas Flamenco stands out for its variety, quality and price. This property offers different types of holiday villa rentals. Thus, Villas Flamenco Beach, on the beachfront; Villas Flamenco rentals, in the heart of the village or, Hacienda Roche Viejo, rural tourism in the middle of nature and very close to the beach, will satisfy, without doubt, the most demanding client.

Hacienda Roche Viejo - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Hacienda Roche Viejo – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Decide for our luxury villas in Conil and know all these proposals and many more to share with your partner, family or friends, with the promise of Villas Flamenco to exceed all your expectations.

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The Almadraba Wild Red Tuna: protagonist of May

Red tuna from almadraba – The red gold of the sea

Finally came one of the most anticipated moments for lovers of good food, for the great fans of gastronomy with capital letters: the start of the almadraba red tuna season , also known as red gold of the sea. A product desired by haute cuisine and the most coveted and desired by the Japanese market.

Tuna Bank - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Tuna Bank – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Currently, around it, an authentic tourism industry has been created, attracting thousands of visitors every year. In addition, both large restaurants and the most renowned chefs in the world turn their eyes to the coast of Cádiz these days.

But what is Almadraba Wild Red Tuna? What is this fishing gear? and Why do we have to come to Conil during these days?

The almadraba, a millenary fishing craft

Every spring, wild tuna cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea through the Strait of Gibraltar in search of warmer waters. And it is there, in the sea, off the coast of Conil, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa, where the almadrabas (word of Arab origin that means place where you fight) are placed, a spectacular fishing gear, which has its origin in the Conil of the Phoenician era. Formed by labyrinths, the tuna is cornered and the fishers execute the call “levantá”, which consists in removing the tuna from the trap.

Tuna fishing - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Tuna fishing – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Once the first lift is made, these municipalities are transformed into a true gastronomic epicentre of first level, where the most prestigious names of the restoration meet in search of the best captures and, of course, to savour the exquisite dishes that are cooked with This product of the highest quality.

Gastronomic routes with tuna as protagonist: Conil

And the party begins. We must celebrate the arrival of this highly anticipated guest. In each of these almadraberos villages gastronomic events are organized, where you can taste a flood of the most diverse tapas, as a cult to this select product. And it begins, neither more nor less, than in Conil, in whose municipality is Villas Flamenco and where, since May 4, takes place the XXI Tuna Route of Almadraba, which runs until June 4. Here a total of 36 bars and restaurants offer the most exquisite dishes of both traditional and innovative cuisine. Tuna with onions, tuna in mango and avocado ceviche, tuna in tartar with crunchy seaweed, raw tuna, tuna with mushrooms sautéed and oyster sauce, red curry from red tuna mormo, tuna belly with prawns from Sanlúcar, tuna in lard or red tuna sausage, are some of the three hundred ways to taste this delicious delicacy.

Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Of course, enlivened with good music, exhibitions, dramatized routes, sports, and conferences. And all of this, absolutely everything, revolves around tuna and the sustainable and ancient fishing art of the almadraba.

A note: it is essential not to miss a ronqueo: the traditional way of cutting the tuna and whose name derives from the noise made by the knife when it touches the backbone of the piece.

Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa

For those tireless tuna, a few kilometres from Villas Flamenco and Conil is located Barbate, where from 9 to 13 of this same month of May, is celebrated in its “Lonja Vieja”, the 11th gastronomic week of almadraba tuna, an event with a very complete programming and with more than popular prices. For just 3.5 euros, you can enjoy a drink and a tapa, the latter, as it could not be otherwise, is based on tuna. Do not forget that in this neighbouring municipality of Conil, the El Campero restaurant is located, known by connoisseurs as the almadraba red tuna temple.

Restaurante El Campero - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Restaurante El Campero – Holiday Rentals in Conil

And we go on! A few days later, on the 16th of May the X Tuna Route of Zahara de los Atunes starts, ending on the 20th. A unique occasion also to know and enjoy the atmosphere of this well-known tourist destination. And finally, from the 25th of May to the 3rd of June the VI Tuna Route of Tarifa is celebrated.

Impossible to miss it. Impossible to stop living this experience and not enjoy these delicious dishes. In Villas Flamenco we offer different possibilities to combine these moments of culinary leisure with rest. So, you can choose between the exclusive Villas on the beachfront of Villas Flamenco Beach at Fuente del Gallo or the relaxing oasis of rural accommodation with the charm of Hacienda Roche Viejo or maybe you prefer the holiday apartments of Villas Flamenco Rentals, just a short walk from the vibrant centre of the city.

Do not think twice, Conil is your destination in May and Villas Flamenco your accommodation in Conil for a few days or a weekend getaway. We are waiting for you!

Conil seen from the beach of Los Bateles - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Conil seen from the beach of Los Bateles – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Fairs, Horses and Motorbikes. May, guaranteed party.

Views of the Villas Flamenco Beach Apartments from the Fuente del Gallo Beach in Conil
Views of the Villas Flamenco Beach Apartments from the Fuente del Gallo Beach in Conil

Fairs, Horses and Motorbikes. The month of May arrives in Andalusia and with it, the good weather and the guaranteed party. And it is that May, especially in the Cádiz province, is a month full of celebrations. All of them reflect a rich tradition and culture, but also a different way of understanding life. In many of its towns there is a typical popular party, with plans for all tastes and flavours, where every corner is full of life and, as it can´t be otherwise in Andalusia, where everyone is well received.

Fairs, Horses and Motorikes in Jerez

May is inaugurated in a big way: with the refined and colourful Jerez Horse Fair, which takes place from the 5th to the 12th of this month. Your visit is essential for all those who are spending a vacation in the area. And it is that the Jerez Fair is quite a show, where horses, flamenco and wine are combined. In this festival of extraordinary beauty, it is recommended to sit in one of its nearly 200 booths and contemplate the elegance of horses and carriages, magnificently prepared for the occasion, while being carried away by the appreciated cuisine of Cadiz and the famous wines from Jerez.

Horse Car at the Sanlúcar Fair
Horse Car at the Sanlúcar Fair

Everything is part of a magnificent show that will remain in the memory of anyone who visits it. And this year is special for fans of the equestrian world, because Jerez has been named European City of the Horse, with this motive an interesting program has been organized, highlighting the 1st National Elite Auction of Purebred Spanish Horses, the 13th may. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to meet these magnificent and prestigious specimens. In this sense, it is necessary to remember that a visit to this city requires passing through its Royal School of Equestrian Art and attending its show “How the Andalusian horses dance”.

Moto GP Championship in Jerez Circuit

And we continue with the party: The Feria de Jerez coincides with one of the events that attracts the most tourists to the province of Cádiz: The Moto GP World Championship, which takes place from 4 to 6 of May. Each year, motor fans from the most diverse and different parts of the world come to this event, which stands out for its good atmosphere and the many parties that are organized around this event.

Moto GP World Championship at the Circuito de Jerez
Moto GP World Championship at the Circuito de Jerez

Finally, it’s time to rest from so much activity and Villas Flamenco is the perfect place. After these long days of fun and enjoyment to the fullest, you want the peace and tranquillity suggested by an apartment by the sea, where you can relax with the serene and calm sound of the waves. And this, neither more nor less, is what this accommodation offers direct rentals located in Conil de la Frontera.

Fairs in the surrounding area

But there is more. As in May there are fairs and parties for all tastes: those who prefer to stay in Conil, Flamenco Villas recommends the Fair of El Colorado. Just three kilometres away and among green pine forests, this fair stands out for its excellent cuisine, its family atmosphere and its equestrian exhibitions. If May starts with the elegant Jerez Horse Fair, the final highlight to this explosion of fun is this and others from nearby locations, whose dates range from 29th May to 4th June. These are the spectacular Manzanilla fair in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the joyful Puerto Real or the flirtatious fair of Medina Sidonia, among others.

Flamenco in a stand at the Feria
Flamenco in a stand at the Feria

Tuna Route in Conil

Finally, do not forget that May starts with great force gastronomically speaking. Day 4 begins the XXI Conil Tuna Route, a date that extends until  4th June and that, along with other activities, place the precious red tuna of Almadraba as the undisputed protagonist of this month. However, we leave you with honey on your lips and we invite you to read our next post, where we will update you on everything that is cooked in the area around this coveted product of the sea.

Red Tuna - Villas Flamenco (Conil)
Red Tuna – Villas Flamenco (Conil)

Without a doubt, May is the month for party lovers, horses, speed and gastronomy. And Villas Flamenco is your accommodation in Andalusia to rest from so much rejoicing.

Families, couples or group of friends! We have all kinds of apartments and houses in surprising and exclusive environments and that stand out for the excellence of our customer service, the quality of our services and their comfort and relaxation.

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Conil, the essence of Andalusia

Conil, the jewel of the so-called Costa de la Luz

Playa de Los Bateles - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Playa de Los Bateles – Holiday Rentals in Conil

The Villas Flamenco luxury apartments are in the coastal town of Conil de la Frontera, a destination of the first magnitude, very appreciated by all those who love quality tourism. But what makes Conil the jewel of the so-called Costa de la Luz? Why does this town of just over 20,000 habitants, year after year, represent the dream of an authentic holiday in Spain?

Conil is the essence of Andalusia. Conil offers everything you can look for when you want to enjoy a real vacation. And it is that this privileged enclave gathers history, culture, good climate, extraordinary situation and excellent gastronomy. But, above all, 14 kilometres of immense beaches with clean and crystal clear waters and fine sand, where you can sunbathe for much of the year.

Founded by the Phoenicians in 1200 BC, this white and sailor town later gave shelter to Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians, who incorporated from the border to their name.

Puerto Pesquero de Conil - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Puerto Pesquero de Conil – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Numerous vestiges remain of this rich history. We recommend a walk through its urban area to visit the Tower of Guzmán el Bueno, fortress of the XIV and XV centuries and built to avoid possible invaders, the Parish Church of Santa Catalina and the Hospital from the Misericordia, among many others.

Once you enter through this historical center, your Andalusian past is irreparably revived. And it is that Conil is a town of shining white houses and narrow streets superbly decorated with the typical geraniums and carminations.

Calle con Flores - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Calle con Flores – Holiday Rentals in Conil

The Beaches

Conil de la Frontera combines the spectacular and coquettish beauty of this urban center and its charming fishing village with its varied and rich coastline. And is that its beaches are the main argument to go to Conil on vacation.

The urban beach of Los Bateles, the wildest and most extensive of Castilnovo, the cosy Fontanilla, the turquoise waters of Fuente del Gallo and the elegant beach of Roche are with unrivalled quality.

And what about its famous coves? Those small, almost virgin, cliffs that dot the west of Conil: Camacho Cove, Pitones, Cala del Aceite and the Calas de Roche. Very close to the latter are the Fishing Port and the Lighthouse of Roche (S. XVI), from where you can see a magnificent view of the entire coast.

Pinares en Conil - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Pinares en Conil – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Conil is also nature: the great coastal pine forest of Roche, an area of special conservation and lung of the Bay of Cadiz, noted for its rich fauna and flora, with a good number of protected species and on route to extinction. And in this unique natural space rises a surprise that, surely, will be transformed into fun guaranteed for the little ones: An adventure park in the trees!

Gastronomy and Wineries

To this interesting offer of holidays in Conil could not miss an excellent gastronomy based on the products of the sea, especially the tuna of almadraba, an art of fishing very valued now and that sinks its roots in the own municipality; in its retinto meats and wonderful products from the garden. All these products and many more will be able to taste them in the 6th edition of the Ruta de la Tapa de Conil, which takes place from 6 to 15 April and where 74 catering establishments show the best of their cuisine at a great price.

Atún Rojo de Almadraba - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Atún Rojo de Almadraba – Holiday Rentals in Conil

Villas Flamenco offers an interesting tour through some wineries, because Conil and its surroundings is also a land of wines, good wines. Thus, the winery and almazara Sancha Pérez, located on the road to El Palmar, produces high quality organic oil and wines. Its owners propose a visit where they can learn the secrets of the artisan and ecological production of wine and oil.

In another direction, between Conil and Vejer de la Frontera, is the Etu-vinos winery, which produces some unique wines, with character and controlled ecological certificate. The heart and soul of this project is the German Ute Mergner, a lover of Andalusia and southern wines. His winery organizes visits and wine tastings.

Vinos y Bodegas en Vejer - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Vinos y Bodegas en Vejer – Holiday Rentals in Conil

And at the foot of Vejer de la Frontera, just 20 kilometres from Conil, stands Bodegas Gallardo, run by the fifth generation of a family that for more than a century has been producing fine, sweet and fragrant wines.


Since we are very close to Vejer, we could not leave without visiting this typical Andalusian town, because as The New York Times proclaims: “Only a traveller with a heart of stone could resist taking the side road that goes up to Vejer ” Included in the route of the white villages and considered one of the most beautiful in Spain, “Vejer remembers once again how ingeniously and generously Spain has mixed the Arab culture of its enemies of the past with its own and formidable heritage”, describes beautifully of new The New York Times.

Vejer - Holiday Rentals in Conil
Vejer – Holiday Rentals in Conil

And a unique opportunity to visit this beautiful southern town is precisely during this month of April, because between 11 and 15 Vejer dresses up to celebrate its Spring Fair, having the immense honour of inaugurating the period of fairs in the province of Cadiz.

Villas Flamenco is the perfect accommodation to know and taste the authentic Andalusia, to visit Conil and its surroundings. Villas Flamenco, which has the best holiday homes on the Costa de la Luz, wants you to live this experience. For this reason, he has launched some irresistible offers.

In this way, if you book 45 days in advance, you will get a 7 percent discount (check conditions) and if you do it two months in advance the savings goes up to 10 percent (see conditions). And for those who travel as a family, at Villas Flamenco we make it easy for you: the first child under 12 is free (check conditions).

Don´t you think it anymore! Come and enjoy the south of Spain. Villas Flamenco, the best destination for your holidays.


Every Saturday from September to June at 11.30 am in Sancti Petri Castle, there will be an exhibition of birds of prey and a show of falconry. The price includes boat trip, free guided tour, bird show and falconry show.

For reservations and more information you can call 667502369 or send an email to info@elcastillosanctipetri.com

Our apartments are very close to the Castle so we invite you to visit us and to know this castle so emblematic.

La Caleta Beach

This beach is in the historic center of Cadiz. It is located between the Castles of Santa Catalina and San Sebastián. It is the best known beach in Cadiz.

Here, we can enjoy a beautiful sunset any day of the year.

Its characteristic beauty makes the authors of Carnival inspired by it for their lyrics.

We leave you a video of this wonderful beach.

Bocaleones River

The Bocaleones River is located in the municipality of Zahara de la Sierra. The route along this river is very short and the scenery is spectacular. The best time of year to do it is summer because the water is very cold and almost all the way is by the water.

It is important to wear the proper footwear to avoid accidents and not carry items that can not get wet.

Stay at Flamenco Villas and come and take this wonderful walk through nature. You can not leave Cadiz without seeing the natural landscapes that exist throughout the province.


Vejer de la Frontera will celebrate the 15th of October the international day of tenderloin for the third consecutive time.

A few days ago, those in charge of establishing the details of this day met.

The traditions of previous years will be maintained although the news of this year will soon be released.

From Villas Flamenco we encourage you to visit this municipality and know all the secrets of the loin in butter.


Majaceite River

It is one of the most visited trails of the Sierra de Grazalema and communicates Benamahoma with El Bosque (two villages that are worth visiting). The tour is easy and can be done from small to large.

During the walk we can observe different types of flora and fauna. Also, there are areas where you can cool off in hot weather.

The road is approximately 5 km and you need to bring drinking water and wear suitable footwear.

Here we leave the link to the website of the Junta de Andalucía where you can find all the details necessary to make the route.


It is a beautiful landscape that can not be missed.

La bodeguilla del bar Jamón

La Bodeguilla is located on  Misericordia Street in Puerto de Santa María. It takes around 28 serving its great dishes. It is well known for its home breads although the most famous is the bread from the house of Iberian ham.

In their menu the traditional dishes are mixed with the most current ones. They have a very complete menu for an affordable price to taste the wonderful dishes of this place.

In summer it is advisable to reserve a table for the large number of customers that you usually have every day.

Enjoy a meal in this restaurant and then spend a quiet afternoon in our apartments.